Request A Performance


If you would like us to perform at your school or in your community, please fill out a copy of the official request form (DD Form 2536) and send it to the 34th Army Band office.  (Digital or paper copies are acceptable).

34th Army Band
1501 West Stone Avenue
Fairfield, IA 52556

What happens next?

Our Decision making process

Availability.  The musicians in 34th Army Band are members of the Iowa Army National Guard.  We are citizen-soldiers who balance our service with our family lives and civilian careers.  Like other "traditional" members of the National Guard, our service consists of one weekend per month plus fifteen days of "Annual Training."  All of our performances, musical rehearsals, and general Army training fit into that timeframe.  As a result, we receive many more performance requests each year than we are able to fill.  Submitting a request early doesn't guarantee acceptance, but last minute requests will typically be declined.

Propriety.  The Army and the Department of Defense have specific guidelines and regulations that prohibit us from participating in certain types of events, including events that:

The Iowa National Guard Office of Public Affairs, along with the Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG), assists us in reviewing requests to ensure that they meet applicable standards.

Impact.  We are ultimately a mission-driven organization, and a primary part of our mission is to reach as many Iowans as possible, sharing what we refer to as "the Iowa National Guard story."  We tend to prioritize performances that draw larger audiences, but we also look for opportunities to make connections in new communities and parts of the state where we haven't performed recently.

Need Help Completing the Form?  Email the 34th Army Band office at or call us at (515) 331-5621.